Back to My Roots: Black and White Photography


Traveling through Ko Olina yesterday had me kind of bummed.  I just could not get into any of the shots.  It felt like I had taken all the shots before.  Driving up to Waianae and sitting on the lava rocks near Makua Beach didn’t have me feeling much better either.  There were no clouds, and the sun was bright and washing out all the possible colors.

So I decided to stop trying to get gorgeous colors–which is what I typically go for–and instead switched to black and white.  I was pretty happy with the results as it seemed to make the photos more moody and evocative.  This change was gotten by switching my camera mode to Monochrome, though the edited shots came from RAW files, which retain color.  For those, I used a RAW photo editor to return the image to grayscale.

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